FIES was born in 1984, taking over all the electro-instrumental activities covered in the past directly by the group leader FINCIMEC SpA, company which prevalently covers all the mechanical activities. During the years, the company carefully observes the demands of the market and widens its own field of application establishing a structure and really flexible personnel, able to adapt itself and to satisfy the demands of the Customer, firmly keeping the quality, the safety and the respect of the legislations in its services.

FIES takes part as partner in FIN.E.S.A. S.p.A. established in 1989 in L’Aquila, in order to develop and integrate its own services. FIES is able to supply the whole range of required services, starting with the study and design, the procurement, the expediting to continue with the building and erection of electric equipments, instrumentation and the carrying out of automation systems up to the commissioning and to the maintenance of the plants.
FIES has a wide range of measurement equipments certified by authorized laboratories and it offers the instrumentation and calibration services and the release of an appropriate certification based on its own quality procedures. FIES has workshops in Marnate (Va) and in Anagni (Fr) for the building of equipments and for the support of all its working yards in Italy and in foreign countries. FIES S.r.l. has an efficient and functional staff organizing structure. It has its own technical service able to satisfy the demands of all its customers and to guarantee the execution of projects " turnkey" for the building of new plants or the revamping of the existing ones according to the productive demands of the customer. Besides FIES S.r.l makes use of a trained team co-operating with the customer.

All the activities are carried out with the employment of modern electronic equipments and continuously updating softwares.

operational headquarters

Marnate (VA)

Via Alcide De Gasperi 421
21050 Marnate (VA)
+39 0331 540957
Sede di Marnate FIES

Organization chart

FIES has an highly skilled staff, with experiences matured in different areas and with different kind of custumers like engineering companies and final customers.

FIES faced and resolved with success technical and organizational problems, met from time to time, thanks to its technical setting out, to flexibility of its structure, to application of tested way of working and checking, and to its technicians and workmen training

The structure of the company is able to supply services from the engineering to the “turnkey” plants


FIES obtained the certification of the quality system in accordance of ISO 9001: 2008 standard, the certification of the Health and Safety system in accordance of ISO 45001 standard and the certificate of conformity of the environmental management system to ISO 14001 standard for the following activities:
- Design, erection and maintenance of electrical, instrument and automation plants.
- Design and construction of low voltage and automation switchboards.
- Calibration service of instrumentation for measure of temperature, pressure and electrical quantities.


ISO 9001


ISO 45001

certificazione 14001

ISO 14001

Policy FIES

Download the integrated policy on environment, quality and safety:

politica ambientale

Integrated policy on environment, quality and safety.

FIES' ethical code

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Codice etico e di comportamento

Ethics and behavior code.